How Digitization Enhances Value of Data

As one of the fastest growing technology firms, Mindtree delivers technology services and accelerates growth for global 1000 companies by solving complex business challenges.
But despite its envious presence, Mindtree, for quite some time, had to deal with the problem of keeping employee information in physical form. This created hassles during the audit period and also wasted the valuable time of the IT department in searching and accessing information. “Accessibility of information was becoming a huge challenge for us. The traditional form of storing and retrieving information was helpful but had its own challenges. We used to run helter-skelter finding information during audits,” says Subramanyam Putrevu, CIO, Mindtree.
This lead to another challenge for the company: Addressing compliance issues with hardcopies in a timely manner. Meeting compliance needs used to be a time-consuming process.
To address all these challenges, Mindtree implemented a document management system. While the work-flow for document management is implemented by Mindtree, the low-end work of the scanning of documents is outsourced to a third-party.
“Now, if I want to see an employee’s educational background and employment experience, I can easily access it and showcase it in a compliance perspective as well,” Putrevu says.
This has made employee on-boarding much easier. Once an employee joins the company, the third-party solution scans the person’s documents and provides it in a digital format.
“We have been rolling out more and more systems and processes in Mindtree. One such system is the visa management system. The whole process of applying and requesting for visas has been automated internally,” Putrevu says.
Owing to document digitization, time to access the information has also gone down. “If I want to understand an employee’s history, I have much more context available in a digital format. We improved the productivity of employees as they can now access the required information at the click of a button. Based on metadata, we can easily find out all increments we have issued to employees. It has also increased employee satisfaction,” Putrevu adds.


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