Punj Lloyd eyes Rs 1 lakh cr worth road projects

Confident over turnaround in the infrastructure space, engineering and construction major Punj Lloyd will bid for road projects worth over Rs 1 lakh crore in this fiscal, its top official has said.

raykeshavan-the-brand-union-infrastructure-41-638Right now highways is moving. We are finally seeing a fair amount of movement in that sector… We would be bidding for more than Rs 100,000 crore worth projects in next six to seven months,” Punj Lloyd Group Chairman Atul Punj told PTI.

We are looking at a large number of projects right now … Success rate is typically between 20 per cent and 25 per cent of all the projects we bid,” he added.

His comments came days after government approved easy exit norms from highways projects for developers. The government, last week, permitted 100 per cent equity divestment after two years of completion for all BOT (build, operate and transfer) projects, irrespective of year of award.

The approval would allow developers to use proceeds from the sale of divested equity in incomplete projects of NHAI or any other road project besides any power sector project or to retire their debt to financial institutions in any other infrastructure projects.

Micky Punj said that he was confident over revival of infrastructure space with a slew of steps taken by government in the highways sector to boost investors’ confidence.

We hope the railways will follow and on the back of that other infrastructure projects as well… We are looking at all the opportunities as and when they come,” Punj said.

Punj Lloyd has executed over 16 highway projects of National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) so far. The group’s order backlog stands at about Rs 20,000 crore.

The company has executed portions of the Golden Quadrilateral and North-South and East-West Corridor.


Relief India trust: the humanity savior

Nonprofit Organizations are those associations of actual humans who always thrive to serve that race of human kind who is deprived of many things. Their constant efforts have made this world more beautiful to live in. They not only take care of humanity but some of them are working towards the betterment of our environment which has been degraded since the evolution of mankind. NGOs consider that helping out the unprivileged and vulnerable people is the motive of their existence which is a selfless act and that is why they are called the “Non-profit” organizations as they don’t derive any profit out of it apart from sheer happiness.
NGOs like Relief India Trust are proceeding in the direction of supplying happiness to those, who try to find it even in minute things. They not only provide the goods and services but also make a promise of such a society where everything is equally distributed and everyone is taken into account as equal. Major contributions of these organizations will be considered over here which they have done for the society’s underprivileged. The outstanding achievements of the mentioned NGO are as follows:
Upgrade the poor community
NGOs like Relief India Trust organize social gatherings and celebrations for poor people from time to time to make them feel that they are also an essential part of the society. These small things bring smile not only to their face but also to the volunteers’. That is something which makes them feel worth living for. The birthday celebrations which they organize are one of a kind that the children are unable to forget for the rest of their lives.
Ray of hope for dispossessed
These NGOs provide basic necessities whatever is necessary for human survival like food, shelter and others to homeless children who are not aware of their basic human rights. These NGOs take the responsibility upon themselves to enrich the lives of these children and provide them with a standard quality life by educating, teaching manners and nurturing their lives. Relief India Trust is also a part of these initiatives which provide not only cover over the head but also the surety of living in a secured environment along with it.
Education promotion in remote areas
As we know that education is a basic human right of anybody; be it younger or elder, it is everybody’s requirement. Many NGOs are working in this direction by doing the promotion of education in the sticks where uneducated people are exploited to the limits. These organizations have provided children of these far-flung areas with appropriate facilities that enable them to continue their studies crossing all the barriers. Relief India Trust has helped these children with other educational facilities and material that has smoothen their process of learning along with creating constant awareness and importance of education in these areas which it RIT’s own approach.
In the light of above mentioned contributions of these NGOs, we can say that these organizations play an important role in the making of this society worth living. These organizations are leading in breaking the vicious circle of poverty and backwardness which seems never ending due to the lack of resources, which these NGOs provide to needy people and help them so that they can overcome their existing existence. It is hoped that after reading this article you would like to be a part of such organization where you can contribute in the making of humankind. So come forward and spread the happiness!