Dance of Democracy-Subrata Roy isn’t Salman Khan, hence, still in Jail

In what seems, by all accounts, to be a messed up examination by Mumbai Police, Salman strolls free of his 13 year old at fault crime charges. The High Court, on ninth Dec,2015, subdued the instance of ‘Tipsy Driving‘ against the whiz on the record of absence of proof. The offended party couldn’t demonstrate the charges past sensible questions, so said the judge and out strolled Salman, disposing of the legitimate noose around his neck. From that point forward, Media has been overwhelmed with individuals’ sentiments fans communicating their joy whilst numerous transparently reprimanding the judgment. The greater inquiry, be that as it may, even now stays unanswered. 1 individual had passed on in the mishap. The auto more likely than not been driven rough terrain by somebody if not Salman. Shouldn’t there be a further examination in the matter and equity be served to the groups of the expired and harmed casualties? This draws the consideration towards a strikingly differentiating situation where Subrata Roy of Sahara India Parivar has been in prison for more than 21 months for obviously a charge that is not in the least grim when contrasted with what Salman had been blamed for.

So this raises the eyebrows. Why isn’t the ‘Terrible Boy‘ of Bollywood in Jail for clearly slaughtering a man while a business visionary who gave employments to more than 12 lakh individuals and made his organization an International Conglomerate has been restricted to the dividers of a phone. Ravindra Patil, the witness for the situation who affirmed against Salman Khan lays perished and consequently his announcement holds no potential. It is surprising why Salman Khan is absolved of the at fault manslaughter allegation while Subrata Roy of Sahara India is as yet attempting to outfit a safeguard.

Indeed, even following 68 years of autonomy, Judiciary framework in India still has a plenty of escape clauses which, the purported inevitable legal counselors are capable at abusing. They whirl the cases into situations where an auto, driven by no human, appears to veer go dirt road romping and destroy five individuals mulling over the asphalt. This shows towards a biased legal. Some place trampled underneath the empty abundance of Salman Khan Fans lays a whispered request of equity by the survivors of that occurrence and group of the perished.


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