Bhushan Steel employees stage demo

Sambalpur: Resentment is preparing among representatives of Bhushan Steel at Thelakuli in the region as the organization powers supposedly rejected a few laborers without serving any notification.

Representatives of the organization under the pennant of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh and Bhushan Mazdoor Sangh arranged a challenge outside the area collectorate here Monday. They presented an update to the sub-authority tended to the area gatherer highlighting their four-point contract of requests.

Area work officer Krushnamohan Rout and sub-gatherer Bimalendu Ray came to the challenge site and held a dialog with the instigators. Their dissent was pulled back after the authorities guaranteed them of taking measures to yield their requests.

Bhushan Steel employees stage demo

Bhushan Steel employees stage demo

The update said that over a thousand representatives have been working at the organization throughout the previous 10 years. In any case, two months back, the organization powers sacked a colossal number of representatives without refering to any reason. The powers did not serve any notification to the workers, it was charged.

Their requests incorporate reappointment of the sacked representatives, installment of their remarkable pay rates and that for the period in which they were sacked. The specialists debilitated to increase their tumult if their requests are not met.

They had additionally submitted duplicates of the update to the income divisional magistrate, and the State Governor.

The organization’s guild pioneers Radharani Panda, Nauri Nayak, Aswini Majhi, Jiten Patnaik, Sambit Kumar, Amit Singh, Pabitra Sahu and Ranjan Behera drove the dissent.


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