All you need to know about Salman Khan-Rio Olympics 2016 controversy


Salman Khan with Sardar Singh and Mary Kom

Salman Khan was named goodwill ambassador of the Indian contingent for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, but this decision has come with subsequent negative and positive reactions.
Speaking on this new association with IOA Salman said, “I am honoured that Indian Olympic Association has chosen me as the goodwill ambassador for the Indian contingent for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.


It is a matter of great national pride that our athletes are performing better and better at the Olympic Games and I think we should all join hands in giving them every support and cheer for them so that Rio 2016 becomes our best Olympic tally.
However, post this announcement there has been outrage from fellow athletes as well as social media. Seeming like unnecessary film promotion for Khan’s upcoming film Sultan, the Indian Olympic Associaton’s decision has not been received well.

Negative Reactions

At the forefront of the criticism of the appointment of Salman Khan as the ambassador are Milkha Singh and Yogeshwar Dutt.
While Milkha Singh said that he has nothing personal against Salman, he would have preferred if a fellow sportsman was picked instead.
I am of the view that our sportspersons — be those from shooting, athletics, volleyball or other sports — are the real ambassadors of India who would represent the country in the Olympics. Still, if we had to pick an ambassador, it could have been from the sporting arena,” the 85-year-old legend.
I want to make it clear that I am not against Salman Khan, but the decision of the IOA is wrong and the Government should intervene in the matter. This is for the first time I am seeing a Bollywood hero being made goodwill ambassador for Olympics. I want to ask, has Bollywood ever made any sportsperson an ambassador for any of their mega events?” he said, adding, “I want that the decision to name Salman Khan as ambassador be revised.
Meanwhile Yogeshwar Dutt, the London Olympics bronze-medallist, said he cannot understand what purpose such an appointment will serve for the athletes.
Everybody has the right to promote movies in India, but Olympics is not a place to promote films,” Yogeshwar tweeted in Hindi. “Can anyone tell me what is the role of goodwill ambassador? Why are you fooling the public?” he added.
The country needs medals, not sponsors,” said Dutt, on twitter.


Flight tickets all sold out? Don’t sweat, simply book a business jet

Getting a flight ticket is dependably a bother for a minute ago voyagers with occupied timetables. Not any more. Business explorers can now book seats on corporate planes from real urban communities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru through an application dispatched by startup JetSetGof.

With Jetsteals, you can book a seat on the move on business jets for roughly between Rs 8,000 and Rs 10,000.

With Jetsteals, you can book a seat on the move on business jets for roughly between Rs 8,000 and Rs 10,000.

With Jetsteals, you can book a seat progressing on business planes for generally between Rs 8,000 and Rs 10,000. The organization has procured business planes claimed by people and organizations to offer the administration.

A Mumbai-Delhi one-way ticket cost Rs 4,500 on Thursday . Popularity cuts down ticket passages on, say , a seven-seater business fly and prepare to have your mind blown. The plan of action of what is basically a private plane attendant service shows up for the time being, in any event, to be strong and monetarily practical.

The thought is to interface urban communities not to which there are no non-stop flights,” JetSetGo prime supporter and CEO Kanika Tekriwal said. “There is an awesome interest for flights from Chennai to littler towns furthermore to Mumbai and Delhi. Business explorers are our greatest customers now. Be that as it may, recreation and family explorers can likewise utilize the choice as admissions are once in a while lower than on booked business flights.”

We are presently steering flies that travel toward the south through Chennai,” Tekriwal said.

She said around 30% of private planes fly with unfilled seats. “The thought came up as we considered approaches to fill these seats. Corporates likewise needs to utilize their flying machine to create income furthermore to make ideal utilization of them.

Abhijit Singh, who maintains an exchanging business, flew on a corporate fly as of late .

My least expensive private plane ride was awesome,” he said.”It cost Rs 8,000 for the flight from Bengaluru to Mumbai.The plane could situate eight travelers. I had six co-travelers and there were two lodge team individuals.

JetSetGo has tied up with six organizations including Bajaj, GMR, Orbit and ACS and utilizations their planes.

Private Jets available at the cost of Business Class

A new business venture by Jetsmart with an amazing concept is making errands in the aircraft industry, in other words, the idea is to capitalize on the downtime as well as return journeys of private jets and helicopters which are approximate 100 and 150 in number respectively, when they usually travel without any passengers. The company commits to fly over 1200 cities within the country including Vellore-Mumbai, Kozhikode-Chennai, and Surat- Jaipur.

private jetTo knock-down empty jets would be of significant benefit to both the involved parties as aircraft owners need to ensure a certain number of flying hours every month to keep their licences and luxury at affordable prices for those who wish to travel in comfort and privacy. The charges to be paid by passenger amounts to only a fraction of cost i.e. not more than Rs. 60, 000 for a one- way seat on an aircraft where flying time is expected to be almost two hours for almost 1,200 km journey. Though the names of all companies which have readied to sign up are still wrapped in covers yet the confidence is laid upon Punj Lloyd Private Jet and airships of Reliance, Tatas, DLF, GMR and Jindals.

Abrar Ahmed, Dubai-based investor, who has made a substantial investment in Bengaluru-headquartered private air travel venture Jetsmart holds strong sentiment for this project due to its peculiarity and cost-effectiveness, accordingly, aims to help air charter operators expand their charter and non-scheduled operations.

Saudi-Iran spat likely to have a significant impact on India

The growing spat between Saudi Arabia and Iran following the execution of an influential Shia cleric could have repercussions for India, which has adopted a position of neutrality since it enjoys good relations with both countries.
As several of Saudi Arabia’s close allies curtailed their ties with Iran, the kingdom’s foreign minister Adel Bin Ahmed al-Jubeir flew into Islamabad this week to seek Pakistan’s support in the standoff.
The Saudi-Iran tension, with the underpinning of a SunniShia divide, is especially worrying for India since the Gulf region has vital economic and strategic significance for the country.
Additionally, the rift could see many Gulf nations with a sizable number of Indian expatriates picking sides. The region has seven million Indian nationals who account for about $40 billion of the $70 billion that India receives in remittances annually.

Saudi-Iran spat likely to have a significant impact on India

Saudi-Iran spat likely to have a significant impact on India

We have friendly relations with both countries and we would hope they are able to resolve the differences in a peaceful manner and international norms in terms of protection of diplomats are adhered to by both sides” said Vikas Swarup, the spokerperson of the ministry of external affairs.
Saudi Arabia has the maximum number of Indian passport-holders outside the country. But with oil prices falling and Saudi Arabia grappling with mounting unemployment for people under 30 who constitute 70% of its population, there are concerns that the kingdom will not remain a key employment destination for Indians for long.
India also enjoys robust security cooperation with Saudi Arabia, which has deported several most wanted terrorists such as Abu Jundal, linked to the Mumbai attacks case. Although such steps
do not in any way diminish the strategic partnership between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, the growing security cooperation is of vital significance for India.
In the case of Iran, a sanction-free Tehran is India’s best bet in the region to advance its strategic interests, particularly with respect to Afghanistan.
Iran also holds the key for India’s ambitious connectivity plans for the oil and gas-rich Central Asian republics and to provide land-locked Afghanistan access to the sea via Iran’s Chabahar port, bringing down Kabul’s dependence on Islamabad.
But the row could also lead to some positive developments for India, which imports more than three-fourths of its energy requirements, because oil prices, already near historic lows, could head further south.
Several major Indian companies including Larsen & Toubro, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Motors, Wipro, Infosys, Punj Lloyd, Shapoorji Pallonji, Godrej & Boyce, Air India, Jet Airways and State Bank of India also operate in Saudi Arabia.
Indian exports to the kingdom include mineral fuels and oils, chemicals, iron and steel and electric machines.